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The Science and Mysticism Series was written in order to show that there is no conflict between material science and a spiritual or mystical understanding of things. Many people have drawn a dividing line between science and religion, believing that the two can never hold rational dialogue. While this may be true when religious dogma meets scientific observation, it is incorrect to think that a scientific understanding of the physical universe precludes a belief in the existence of higher dimensions of being, or indeed of the supreme level of Being that we may call the Divine or God. Indeed, despite the advances of science, it seems that many of the fundamental conundrums of science have arisen because the dimension of being or consciousness has been ignored. Even when consciousness itself is taken as the subject of scientific study, it is regarded as the by-product of material substance, rather than the source. As a little quiet thought will reveal, intellectual analysis can never result in ultimate answers, for there is simply no end to analysis: the products of analysis can always be further analysed! Even the intellect itself can become the subject of its own endless analysis! On the other hand, a truly universal spiritual perception of things illuminates a scientific study of the material universe. As many mystics and spiritual people have pointed out, spiritual or mystical perception is an experience of one's own higher consciousness, and comes complete with its own inherent touchstone of validity.

One Being One
(208 pages, Science of the Soul Research Centre, 2010, ISBN 978-93-80077-09-3)

Click to enlarge One Being One by John Davidson Sometimes lyrical, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes irreverent - ocasionally irrelevant, you might think - One Being One takes a look at "Life, the Universe, and Everything". Its prevailing theme is that nothing makes any real sense unless it is understood that everything is a part of One Being. When this realization begins to dawn, then all aspects of human understanding, including the discoveries of science and the universal aspect of religion and mystic teachings, are found to be in alignment. The story is nothing new - it's the ancient perennial wisdom, given something of a contemporary take. One Being One is a book to address the times, with as many questions as answers.

Reviews & Comments: "What - a - beautiful - book. I can't tell you how wonderful it's been to read -- fresh and clear as a mountain stream, elegant, inspiring ... and funny! I smiled, I chuckled, I laughed. And unfolding the unifying principle of the One Being -- consciousness -- so simple and so all-encompassing in its ramifications. So. What to say. I jut want to send it to everyone I know. And don't know." ... "A great plus is that the scientific component of the work is accurate, a rare accomplishment in works of this nature." ... "Thanks for writing One Being One -- really mean these words."

Subtle Energy
(288 pages, C.W. Daniel, 1987, ISBN 0-85207-184-1)

Click to enlarge Subtle Energy by John Davidson Subtle energies are the higher levels of energy beginning just beyond our normal perceptive abilities. They are sometimes seen as a scintillating, sparkling, rainbow effect around objects, making them seem almost transparent and with their subatomic and more inward structure revealed to a heightened, perceptive gaze. Subtle energies are the blueprint of denser forms of matter and energy, the energy matrix out of which our perceivable universe is manifested. Indeed, some theories in modern physics are now able to provide a conceptual framework in which this manifestation from the subtle state can be both understood, and even engineered. Around and within living creatures, including man, subtle energies are seen as an aura, reflecting the health, personality and spirituality of the individual.

Subtle Energy
is about these energies and the role they play in the natural economy and in healing. The subtle effects of electromagnetic pollution are also discussed. It is a survey covering Eastern and Western approaches to man. It discusses mysticism, the elements, energy, the chakras, healing, polarity, harmony, Pulsors, crystals, magnetic therapies, electromagnetic pollution, bioelectricity, biomagnetism, subtle energy interface, Feng Shui, pyramids, shape, colour, geopathic stress, the aura, charisma, dowsing, radiesthesia, detection of subtle energies, animals and subtle energy, money and energy, miasms, vibrational science, harnessing and photographing subtle energies, modern physics ... and more!

Reviews: "The very first textbook relating to twenty-first century technology." ... "This is a unique and important book" .... "One can be grateful that such a work has burst upon us at this critical juncture in the history of the planet." ..." Perhaps we have a new classic here, so sorely needed." More reviews and comments.

The Web of Life: Life Force - The Energetic Constitution of Man and the Neuro-Endocrine Connection
(408 pages, C.W. Daniel, 1988, ISBN 0-85207-199-X; Motilal Banarsidass, 2010, ISBN 978-81-7822-346-9)

The Web of Life: Life Force by John Davidson Click to enlarge Despite its apparent advances and benefits, biological science is quite unable to either explain or to create the organization that lies behind the functioning of even the simplest cell in our body. Whilst some modern physicists feel that the answers to the existence of the universe is just about within their grasp, the manner by which life itself manifests is totally beyond their ability to model.

The Web of Life shows why this is so, providing a description of man's inner and outer energetic constitution. The author suggests a new conceptual framework for the further advancement of science and the healing arts, within the context of both modern concepts of energy and the ancient wisdom of Eastern mystic philosophy.

The Web of Life follows on from Subtle Energy. It covers the subtle structure and anatomy of man, showing how it links to modern physiology and biochemistry, using the neuro-endocrine system as an example. It provides a detailed discussion of polarity, the elements, pranas, chakras, sensory and motor organization, energy, language, states of consciousness, brain and mind linkages, mental states and disturbances, evolution, the energy paradigm, the body as an energy hologram, new paradigms in healing and medicine, life energies, modern physics, and much more.

Reviews: "Chock-a-block with vitally important text.... Bound to take its place among the new classics." ... "Fully accessible to the non-technical reader.... Should be on the bookshelf (or better still, in the hands) of every student who is interested in understanding the nature of human consciousness." .... "A new framework for understanding the energy fields and the healing arts.... Helpful.... Inspiring.... A delight.... Wonderful contributions.... Very stimulating.... Fascinating." ... "Absolutely brilliant. It builds one of the first bridges between the two sides of life. You think on both sides of the divide. It rarely happens.... Thank you for writing such a lovely book." More reviews and comments.

The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy Dance
(430 pages, C.W. Daniel, 1989, ISBN 0-85207-202-3; Motilal Banarsidass, 2008, ISBN 978-81-7822-337-7)

The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy Dance by John Davidson Click to enlarge Modern man has sought answers to life's deepest questions through an increasingly detailed analysis of matter. Yet results have proved elusive, pointing as much, if not more, to the importance of the seeker's own mind as to matter itself. Mystics, on the other hand, have sought answers to the same mysteries through an inverse process: a 'turning within', studying mind and consciousness through specific meditational practices.

But both have reached the same conclusion: that mind and matter, energy and consciousness are too intimately entwined to be separately understood. Many physicists now believe that space itself, or the vacuum, is an ultra-dense energy field. They also feel that mind and physical energy are linked. The introduction of the author's unifying concept of the formative mind - as the universe's hidden creation system - reveals the link between energy, mind and consciousness. It shows how space is an energy field within which all physical phenomena arise as moving patterns. It also shows how the fabric of space is an integral part of the greater, the universal or formative mind in a hierarchy of energies manifesting from within-out.

The implications for the twenty-first century are immense. Unlimited "free" energy (automatically solving the problems of climate change and the dangers of nuclear power), plus novel means of transport, communications, healing etc. can - and are already - being developed. An understanding of the energy fabric of space also provides us with a model by which many psychic phenomena can be readily understood. And it permits us to perceive how may existing forms of subtle healing actually work, in physical terms - homoeopathy, radionics, Bach remedies and so on. In fact, it shows that all forms of healing have an important subtle aspect, since the mind of the patients, doctors and everyone else are always involved. More profoundly, this book also shows how a deep understanding of mind function in the universe is required if man is to develop a science that is based upon true cosmic principles, rather than intellectual concepts and partial descriptions. It indicates the direction science must follow if it is to find a meaningful and harmonious place in our lives.

Reviews and comments: "Remarkable and readable, fascinating reading and of vital importance.... A must for everyone, researcher or lay person, who is interested in the emerging new science. A tour de force." ... "This young author has set a new trend and he could therefore be regarded as in the vanguard of a new renaissance." ... "The information you have given me has been very important to my being. I've spent many hours in the mountains reflecting on this knowledge from your books and feel very enlightened. Thank you for helping me find answers to my QUESTIONS.... So many scientific facts and theories presented in such a lucid manner, it was a real joy and pleasure to read." ... "I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it. At last someone has put it all into a book." ... "John Davidson's ideas could revolutionize life as we know it." More reviews and comments.

Natural Creation and the Formative Mind
(221 pages, Element, 1991, ISBN 1-85230-197-X)

Click to enlargeThe Formative Mind by John DavidsonNatural Creation and the Formative Mind is a radical and timely work. Demonstrating how the physical universe is only a level of perception, it brings together science and spirituality in an astonishing and elegantly argued vision of the nature and unity of all creation.
The author describes how outer forms are actually projected images in a greater, formative mind - the origin of all form and rhythm. He expands on the insight that all creatures live not in a world of substance, but a world of being.

Lucidly and compellingly, he provides us with an entirely fresh natural history, discussing:

                                 the origin of life and consciousness
                                  the nature of mind, matter, energy and the `laws of nature'
                                 how all things are integrated in an intricate pattern of creation

Natural Creation and the Formative Mind is a challenging study that shows the way forward for science to work in harmony with natural law.

Reviews: "While his preoccupation is with the undifferentiated One, Davidson revels in the diversity of the Creation. He writes from a love of nature, as a keen student of the detail of animal form and behaviour. His book is in part a celebration of the sheer cleverness in nature - evidence for him not only of design but of mind at work in the day-to-day life of all creatures.... Davidson writes with the conviction of privileged insight.... Written with passion and conviction. Davidson is a distinctive voice among those seeking to revive the ancient tradition of understanding nature as sacred, and many people will enjoy this exposition of nature as "the living, visible, garment of God"." ... "John Davidson has ... an exceptional gift in presenting a picture that is both illuminating and readable." ... "A good read and I found it difficult to put down.... This book is aimed at all with a predilection for natural mystic philosophy. If that does not mean you, read it anyway, and I doubt if you will ever view the universe in quite the same way again." More reviews and comments.

Natural Creation or Natural Selection? - A Complete New Theory of Evolution
(275 pages, Element, 1992, ISBN 1-85230-240-2)

Click to enlargeNatural Creation or Natural Selection? by John DavidsonFew questions concern man more closely than those of his own origins. How did man and the other species originate? Why does the fossil record of the last 500 million years show such ever-changing spectrum of creatures? What causes the vast repeating cycles of extinction and renewal of species on our planet?

Natural Creation or Natural Selection? is a ground-breaking study which points out that we miss a fundamental dimension in our study of life on earth if we forget to look at mind, consciousness and life as primary and formative factors. By applying an understanding of the formative mind, the author presents a radically different yet complete explanation of the fossil record and the diversity of organic life, which not only fits the facts exactly, but also accords fully with the universal philosophy expressed by mystics throughout the ages.

Reviews: "Why are we here? How are we here? ... John Davidson investigates and expands with his customary keenly discerning mind and amazingly extensive knowledge, the origins of life on earth.... In his writing and theories, John Davidson enables us to fathom out and to reach our own answers to the age-old questions we so constantly ask ourselves. We are led along paths of new and fresh ideas, so consistent with our time, stimulating our levels of thinking, inspiring and elevating the extent of our present knowledge and our sense of conscious awareness.... His analysis of the evolutionary theory and the universal philosophy expressed by mystics throughout the ages is spiritually inspired and intellectually sound." ... "You have found an all-embracing pattern, and, actually I am lost in awe-struck respect." More reviews and comments.

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