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The Web of Life: Life Force - The Energetic Constitution of Man and the Neuro-Endocrine Connection - Reviews & Comments

The Web of Life by John DavidsonAn important book from which we can absorb many new concepts and ideas, while at the same time see many of our cherished concepts put forth in a fresh and novel way.

Chock-a-block with vitally important text for the layman and scholar alike. A feast of delight to give us a taste of where science is taking us to in the next century, but it is entirely useful to us for the new cycle we have just entered.

This book is of great importance for all advanced thinkers who seek the deeper meaning of life and Davidson is pointing the way to its achievement. Bound to take its place among the new classics.

Johan Quanjer, New Humanity Journal, UK

Written in a style that makes them (The Web of Life & Subtle Energy) fully accessible to the non-technical reader. ... The information they give is such that they should be on the bookshelf (or better still in the hands) of every student of Yoga who is interested in understanding the nature of the energies that pervade the Universe (whether natural or man-made), the nature of human consciousness, and relationships between the subtle energies in man and his neuro-endocrine system.

The Web of Life is not a book to be skimmed through. It needs to be read carefully, read again to understand its general message, and then used frequently as a reference book for details. It is a valuable and often novel contribution to the dialogue between the mystical and intuitive science of the east and the analytical and intellectual science of the West. What Fritjof Capra did in the Tao of Physics to relate the findings of subatomic particles to Eastern Mysticism, John Davidson has paralleled in the fields of human endocrinology and neurology and in his study of the human consciousness. ... An exciting, convincing and most informative pair of books that I can heartily recommend to those many Yoga teachers and students who seek a real understanding of the scientific principles that underlie Yoga theory.

Bill Heilbronn, Spectrum, British Wheel of Yoga, UK

The concept of the body as a tattvic hologram is figuratively brilliant and intuitively acceptable. It is indeed an amazing insight to propound subatomic phenomena at the cellular level, where the laws governing energy relationships change dramatically.

What is novel and exciting is the author's correlation of the five basic tattwas to the various endocrines and their further elaboration with the nervous system.

Bhaskar Vyas (Surgeon), Bulletin of the Theosophy Science Study Group, India

Explores the nature of human consciousness by synthesizing the analytical science of the west with the intuitive and mystical science of the east. ... Ambitious ... The proper study of mankind in man. In Yoga, one of the niyamas, or observances, is swadhyyaya - the study of one's own being and nature. The Web of Life will help us to bring our swadhyyaya practice up-to-date.

Yoga and Health, UK

A book I shall return to ... To re-explain the East in terms of western medical philosophy is a useful task. ... I recommend it.

Roger Coghill, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, UK

This is book of the first order. It attempts to bridge the gap between modern science and subtle esoteric knowledge, experience and energy. It does so by presenting a marvellous breadth of vision and detail ranging from the philosophical to the neurobiological and the subatomic. ... The type is bold and clear. There are useful diagrams and an excellently detailed table of contents for each chapter! The style is easily readable and carries one from chapter to chapter. ... Mr Davidson has an evocative turn of phrase, e.g. Events "as well as the surface of space-time itself, emerge from a vacuum or zero-point energy state - a state of essence or latent being, which carries the blueprint, or primary template of physical phenomena and experience" (p17). And, "subatomic particles dance and spin into existence from within-out, in a continuously vertical spectrum" (p386). ... In fact on p377 is given the first function I have heard of for particle spin - as the way of energy in the subtle space (Akasha in Indian terminology), becoming limited and condensed into physical, observable mass. ... Scalar electromagnetic theory is mentioned ... as the most promising way of understanding the different levels of manipulating the potentiality of the vacuum or gross akashic state. ... excellent poetic interludes placed at the beginning of each chapter. ... The author is to be congratulated on a seminal work.

Stanley Jacobs, Scientific & Medical Network Newsletter

Thank you for your inspiring books. Your research truly leads us into the next century. ... When is your next book coming out?

C.C., New York, USA

Both works are a delight and, without doubt, I shall read and re-read them again and again. ... My thanks are totally inadequate. ... You filled in many of my reasoning gaps and confirmed others about which I was unsure. ... Your splendid word pictures ... Very many thanks for putting so many mysteries into perspective and I look forward to many more works from your hand.

F.S., Sutton Coldfield, UK

Really good! Congratulations! When do we see the next one?

Dr R.B., Zurich, Switzerland

Your work is of such value to the world.

H.E., Petersfield, UK

I am so impressed with Subtle Energy and The Web of Life. ... Thank you for your wonderful contributions.

E.H., London, UK

Very stimulating.

Dr V.S., North Hollywood, USA


M.L., Swampscott, Massachussetts, USA

I have been avidly reading The Web of Life ... I find it extremely interesting and intend to make it a book for intensive study over the next six months. ... My work is nowhere as thorough as yours, but I hope to get inspiration and guidance from what you are doing, to improve on the quality of my work. ... I am reading it like a textbook - sentence by sentence, assimilating every word as I go along - I find it a most rewarding exercise. Thank you for writing such a lovely book. ... The concept of the human being, or any other living being, as a 'tattvic hologram' is fantastic and extremely appealing. It puts together so many things that I have been reading and thinking about - the notion of space and time as enunciated by Einstein, the mystic concept of every microcosm containing the entire macrocosm ... etc.

T. S.A., Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, India

The way you integrate traditional and scientific terminologies is fascinating.

Dr A.R., Lancaster University, UK

I like your books a lot - just the table of contents is amazing!

S.P., California, USA

The readers pray for the long and healthy life of the Author as well as the Publisher. (!)

A.K.P., Kapurthala, India

Your book is an excellent (and playful) compendium of yogic and mystical knowledge (usually impenetrable to the occidental mind) and a very usable tool for interfacing the scientific paradigm ... (referring to Big Bang theory) I await your next book for the last (and surely humorous) word on this and other bangingly big questions.

R.W., Zurich, Switzerland

I am also very impressed and so interested in what you are doing. For talking about chakras, nadis, tattwas, endocrine and neurological systems, biochemical intelligence and out of the body experience such as you do, it is evident you not only have a deep knowledge on science as western culture knows it, but also in esoterical and arcane wisdom and on its tradition. Obviously you have studied the Zivagama, the Great Breath's Science and the Tattwas philosophy. Actually, not many persons have a serious approach to these subjects. And you combine all these with poetry. Let me congratulate you and also tell you that we share spiritual paths. Through my own mystical experience rather than my rational knowledge, I can understand what you really do. I hope one day we can have a meeting and discuss several topics so necessary for the actual development of mankind.

Professor A.S.G., Centro de Psicologia Integral y Bionergoterapia, Santiago, Chile

I find your Web of Life absolutely brilliant. It builds one of the first bridges between the two sides of life, of Male and Female. You think on both sides of the divide, it rarely happens. I should add East and West to the other opposites.

P.V.-S., London, UK


R.J., Dorset, UK

I spent my birthday money on August 29 to buy for myself your book, The Web of Life. It was so pertinent that I ordered The Secret of the Creative Vacuum and the books Radiation and Subtle Energy. ... "You" are the next encounter on my list of creative synchronicities!

F.H.S, Philadelphia, USA

A new framework for the understanding of energy fields and the healing arts.

Wrekin Trust, Worcestershire, UK

Finding it very enlightening.

D.M., Boulder, Colorado, USA

Enjoying The Web of Life.

M.P., Street, Somerset, UK

I especially want to say how helpful I found The Web of Life. It has helped to clarify and broaden the perspective that I've been developing in myself through Yoga and study in very definite ways. I agree with you that Self-discovery/discovery of 'Reality' is not for the faint-hearted or weak-willed, hence the usefulness of your writings in helping to consolidate an enlarged consciousness that I have been working hard to develop and maintain in my own life, especially in the last three years. I have started into The Secret of the Creative Vacuum and find it equally fascinating.... Incidentally, I enjoy your direct, "real" style of writing.

M.H., Co. Cork, Ireland

Absolutely fascinating and inspiring.... Congratulations and thanks for such a wonderful book.

R.S., Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, UK

Allow me to congratulate you with regards to two wonderful books that you have authored, Subtle Energy and The Web of Life. To me they are both a powerful novel of life and an encyclopaedic array of essential yet non-traditional knowledge.... Thank you for bringing them to form.... Your books seem to be right on point with what I feel I must be focusing on.

D. de J., Ann Arbor, Michegan, USA

I have read this with the greatest interest and I think it is excellent; the best book we have seen which shows the convergence of science and mysticism, explaining the subtle energies.

P.R., Crowborough, East Sussex, UK

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