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The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy Dance - Reviews and Comments

The Secret of the Creative Vacuum by John DavidsonIt was rather wonderful to read that this important volume is dedicated "To All Torchbearers" which makes such a difference from the usual practice of dedicating a book to specific personalities. This tells us what manner of man the author is and sounds the keynote to the general tone of the book. It is obvious that we are dealing with a practical mystic - scientifically trained with an incisive and deep insight into the profundities of existence. Not only will this book be of extraordinary value to orthodox scientists (who may like to study it on the sly) but also to the average aware person.

Both types of reader will be pleased with its chatty and amusing tone and the way it deals lightly with heavy matters. It must surely mean something most profound for the springing up of new thinking that this is John's third book in a row within a space of two years. His first book, Subtle Energy has already been translated into five languages which speaks well for its universal appeal and shows that cosmic awareness is reaching out in ever widening circles through different races and cultures. This young author has set a new trend and he could therefore be regarded in the vanguard of a new renaissance.

Johan Quanjer, New Humanity Journal, UK

Fascinating uncovering of the discovery that space itself is a dense energy field out of which all else is derived as "moving patterns."

Wrekin Trust, Worcestershire, UK

John Davidson's ideas could revolutionize life as we know it. ... In this book, John Davidson explores many aspects of man, his changing view of himself and his surroundings. But it is not necessarily a pessimistic view, and this is what makes this latest volume in the planned series of six so fascinating.

Rodney Tibbs, Cambridge Evening News, Cambridge, UK

John Davidson carries further the conclusion that mind and matter, energy and consciousness are intimately intertwined. He explores the simple idea that the 'vacuum' of 'empty space' is "actually a real energy field, or state of subtle material substance, out of which all perceivable matter is formed and within which are found, in even finer levels of manifestation, the energy fields in which our thoughts and instincts have their expression." He cites several remarkable but little known researchers to support this view, based on a new 'ether' concept, together with his belief that the exploration of the "vacuum" will bring profound and fascinating technological changes, including virtually unlimited supplies of safe and cheap energy. He presents a unifying concept of the Formative Mind as the universe's hidden creation mechanism, that links energy, mind and consciousness.

A BBC 2 (1986) TV programme speculated that, perhaps, some time in the future, our present view of the universe would be seen as mistaken, our present scientific theories as myths. Our minds and thinking shape our perception of the world. John Davidson and Willis Harman (and many others) share this view, believing in a universe where consciousness is the primary reality from which physical reality is derived.

Alan Mayne, New Paradigms Newsletter, UK

In this remarkable, and very readable study, John Davidson follows the search for the 'Holy Grail' of the physicists - fundamental phenomenon that will enable us to understand and master the laws of nature. While some seek it in the smallest subatomic particles and the forces between them; those others, on whose work the author reports, look even deeper to seek an ultimate physical reality that is the undifferentiated ground of being from out of which all phenomena are emanated, whether they be energies or particles. He shows how the ancient Indian concept of 'Akash' (Ether) has been given a new validity, and equates it to what he calls the 'Creative Vacuum', which he analyses in depth. It is shown how this may be used to answer the quest for a grand unified theory that will relate to each other the phenomena of inertia, mass, gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak binding forces within the atom.

The book demonstrates how the models of reality we choose to use dictate the limits of the technology that we develop in the provinces of energy generation and healing. In the case of the former, he reports on remarkable and successful experiments that exploit the energy of the creative vacuum to supply electricity or motive power in a manner that is ecologically friendly. In the latter he examines the whole relationship of consciousness, mind and life force. He shows how intuitively designed systems of healing like acupuncture and homoeopathy can be scientifically validated in terms of the 'Creative Vacuum', and why, despite their antiquity, they have such promise for the future.

For all concerned to understand the truly scientific basis for therapies such as these, this book is fascinating reading and of vital importance.

Bill Heilbronn, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, UK

For all those students of Yoga who are interested in discovering how the ancient intuitive concepts of the Rishis of India are reflected in the science of the new age that is dawning, this book is fascinating reading and of vital importance.

Bill Heilbronn, Yoga and Health, UK

John Davidson's book is most important. He covers a truly wide range of material, devices and personalities. Also he obviously has well-integrated some widely separate fields of knowledge and scientific disciplines to a truly rare degree.

The book is a must for everyone, researcher or lay person, who is interested in the emerging new science, and who wonders what all the noise and fury are really about. John Davidson gives a tour de force through this entire area, and the reader will be given privy to information that only recently would have required several years and the expenditure of many, many thousands of dollars to acquire. I must confess that I also learnt a lot from this book, even though I've personally spent an exhaustive 26 years and some $250,000 in investigating this area. From the standpoint of breadth alone, this book is unparalleled.

I also greatly admire John Davidson's perspicacity and his perception of the whole forest as well as the individual trees. In the entire Western world there are only a handful of popular technical writers who possess that rare ability across the great breadth of material that John covers. He is at home with both the deepest philosophical question and the most puzzling scientific anomaly. Further, he obviously is not a rank materialist as are so many of our present scientists. He definitely knows that man has a spirit and a mind, as well as a conscious mind and causative scientific knowledge. And he clearly shows the direction that a part of forefront science is moving to close the gap between spiritual and physical realities, without dogma.

And the publisher is certainly to be complimented for the fine index and table of contents. This book is highly usable. Not only is the information there, it is accessible!

I offer my sincere congratulations to both the author and the publisher. You have provided a valuable assist to the new generation of eager young minds now breaking free of the old dogmas and old paradigms, but responsibly and scientifically. My very best regards to you and to John Davidson, and it was a real pleasure reading this fine book!

Lt. Col. (Ret) Tom Bearden M.S., Letter to the Publisher, USA

The Secret of the Creative Vacuum comprises 429 pages and is really two books on separate disciplines interwoven into a single text. On the one hand there is a scientific and technical aspect which stretches the imagination of those with some knowledge of physics and an interest in future technology. This is the field in which this reviewer, as a product of science education within Western civilization, feels at home. Then there is the mystical perception of those who examine our scientific environment by a process of meditation, centering around the culture and traditions of the East.

These two viewpoints are united in John Davidson's book in a rather intriguing way. One becomes aware that there is something pervading the tenuous vacuum of space which binds East and West and which also connects physical processes involving mind and body. A reader familiar with one aspect of Davidson's subject rapidly develops a respect for the way in which the message has been understood and presented so clearly, with the result that this instills confidence in what Davidson has to say about the unfamiliar remainder. Such confidence causes one to read a book one might not otherwise read and one's mind is then ensnared with something wholly new and intriguing.

Davidson's book awakens ideas that the all-pervading vacuum is the omnipresent medium which is the source of all creative activity. Study of its role in energy exchanges, as seen in physical processes, has been the reviewer's horizon for research. However, Davidson's book extends that horizon. It should not be seen as mere report on the work and ideas of others, but rather as an invitation and stimulus for the reader to get personally involved in probing the mysteries of the elusive background in which we are all enveloped.

This is book for the reader anxious to know more about developments at the fringe of orthodox science, topics that are both interesting and important, but yet are not given a constructive coverage in science journals whose editors have to conform with the relativist faith and dare not use the word 'ether'. Nowhere else can one find under one cover such an up-to-date and readable account of the anti-gravity and electro-magnetic machines that have anomalous properties and harness what is virtually a free source of energy. A reader may open the book and be unwilling to believe what is being related, but he or she will be left wondering.

Dr Harold Aspden, Speculations in Science and Technology, UK and The Scientific and Medical Network Newsletter, UK

For those who believe that the vacuum of empty space is comprised of nothing, there is a surprise. In The Secret of the Creative Vacuum, John Davidson thoroughly introduces all schools of thought regarding the nature of the fabric of space, and the conclusion is startling. The vacuum is a sea of fluctuations of tremendous electrical field energy that modern physics calls the zero-point energy. From years of research including the journals of modern physics, quantum mechanics, mysticism, ancient Eastern philosophies and "underground" inventions, Davidson shows a common pattern yielding a firm conclusion: The zero-point energy intimately interacts with everything, from the elementary particles comprising all of matter to the essence of our minds and consciousness. This sets the stage for what could very well be the next major paradigm shift in physics.

The skeptic may ask, "If all that energy is embedded in space, why don't we see it?" This is answered quite nicely: Since the energy is ubiquitous, it is not easy to create the energy differential for its detection. It is like asking a fish to detect the ocean. None-the-less Davidson shows how a tremendous stress can persist even in the absence of any obvious kinetic activity. However, at the microscopic level the zero-point energy exhibits tremendous fluctuations that interact with the elementary particles. By applying the modern theories of system self-organization to this interaction, an astonishing technological possibility arises. The zero-point energy may be cohered into an energy source.

Here lies one of the book's outstanding contributions. Davidson introduces the work of many of the "underground" inventors who have been ignored by the establishment, but who are quite famous to those who have researched the field of "free energy". There are numerous inventions that have produced anomalous electrical power, were well witnessed and investigated by scientists, and yet are shunned by the scientific community for lack of a proper explanation.

There is a further technological surprise. Applying the theory of general relativity to the zero-point energy (as is done in quantum gravity theories) yields the possibility of curving the space-time metric whenever the zero-point energy is cohered. This would allow artificial gravity propulsion, and sure enough, there are inventions exhibiting this.

Perhaps the most far reaching implications for zero-point energy interactions involve living systems. From mystical, occult and ancient philosophies arise a solid correlation to modern quantum mechanics and the theories of zero-point energy. John Davidson brings to bear all of his experience as a student of mystical thought from his training in India. He presents a comprehensive description of higher dimensional space, morphogenic fields, the life force, auras, spiritual forms, and even the physical mechanism for psychic events. The very nature of consciousness is linked to the zero-point energy.

In summary, The Secret of the Creative Vacuum is the best layman's introduction to the theories of the vacuum energy and all its implications published to date. Its thoroughness guarantees its place in history as an epic, classic work. If you wish to preview the physics of the 21st century, read this book!

Moray B. King, Author of Tapping the Zero-Point Energy

Not infrequently in life something happens at the right time and place and in doing so there is created a flash of dramatic revelation, an expansion of consciousness and understanding.

John Davidson leads us into the fascinating and exciting realm of electrons, protons and neutrons in a most lucid and clear manner so that the nature and potential energy of space, as we know it, becomes amazingly concrete and real. Through his writings and theories we begin to comprehend and accept the link and connection of the 'out there' and the 'within'; we are brought to the realization that the human mind and the physical are a complete, multi-layered energy structure.

To quote: "Energy is the cycle of the seasons, the span of a life, the rhythm of the planets. It is legion and yet is one."

Scientists and mystics alike are realizing and acknowledging that space in its vacuum state is a real energetic vibrating matrix and a formative condition of matter. For mankind's spiritual advancement and evolution it is, however, required that we allow our imagination to soar, attempting to understand that through and beyond this virtual energy lies the gateway and road to the grand hierarchy of creation, with the real possibility of our entire planetary history encoded quite naturally and automatically into the physical vacuum itself, only waiting to be deciphered. With a simultaneously outward and inward shift in our levels of thinking and awareness great changes are envisaged preparing mankind for the leap towards new values and emphasis.

Much study and research has gone into the writing of this book and it is most intelligent, informative and very readable. Also highly recommended are the two former books by this same author, Subtle Energy and The Web of Life and we look forward with pleasurable anticipation to his forthcoming book, Natural Creation, these four volumes looking at human knowledge from a mystical standpoint.

Doris Middleton, Beyond, Seeker's Trust, UK

The Vacuum State and the Formative Mind are indeed of great importance. True "21st Century Stuff." ... I realize the profundity of your work. My profoundest thanks for all you are doing so brilliantly well.

Johan Quanjer, New Humanity Journal, London

Would you kindly forward a copy of your book, The Secret of the Creative Vacuum. ... I enjoyed your two previous books, enlightening in many ways.

H.L. Broomfield, Surrey, UK

I have been reading your books Subtle Energy and The Secret of the Creative Vacuum with a great deal of interest. ... Somehow I felt that there must be something worthwhile and real going on somewhere, so that is why I was so excited to see your books, and encouraged to seek further.

Roger Taylor, Dove Project, Surrey, UK

It is certainly one of the very best in its class and I have already recommended it to some of my contacts. ... Again, a splendid piece of work!

Rolf Schaffranke, Georgia, USA


Sir George Trevelyan, Avon, UK

I have found this enormously interesting and, as you present some of the commentaries in far clearer language than I find in original reference material, I have a far better appreciation of the subject. ... Well worth reading.

Dr Harold Aspden, University of Southampton, UK

Congratulations on your book which is very well done, and there is no question in my mind that you have identified the major advancement in solid state free energy technology, which is now starting to unfold here in the States.

Don Kelly, Clearwater, Florida, USA

I heartily hope that your book will be widely read in the whole world.

Dr Shiuji Inomata, President Japan Psychotronics Institute, Japan

Your most interesting book.

Dr Harold Puthoff, Institute for Advanced Studies, Austin, Texas, USA.

Thank you very much indeed for your most interesting papers. I am publishing two of them in the forthcoming issue. ... I have just received your book, which I look forward to reading and having reviewed for the journal. There again there are very important data which are very useful to bring about deeper understanding of who we are and how we function.

Gaston Saint-Pierre, The Metamorphic Association, London, UK

Enjoying it very much.

Dada Rudreshananda, Microvita Research Institute, Mainz, West Germany

I am enjoying it immensely. You have a great gift for explaining mysterious problems in simple terms. I find your work on the vacuum most encouraging. ... Your remarkable book sounds the knell for the coming social-economic-scientific-technological revolution, the like of which has not been dreamed up since James Watt observed steam coming out of a kettle. Some of its implications are terrifying for all those opposed to change. Once the momentum ... is felt or recognized by the news media, there could be a hostile response from huge financial concerns, as well as the trade unions.

George Sandwith, Co. Donegal, Eire

I am sure the Prime Minister will be very interested to see this. (!)

Dominic Morris, 10 Downing Street, London, UK

I have taken a glance at The Secret of the Creative Vacuum. I must confess it has overwhelmed me. I hope to set aside enough time in the next few months for a thorough and careful reading of your books. ... In the light of what I have read in the first chapter of your book I feel like saying, "Ah, there is the answer I was looking for for so long."

T.S. Ananthu, Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, India

Very many grateful thanks. Your books keep me entertained no end and you are giving a wonderful service to mankind at large. If only mankind was on the same wavelength as yourself and a few more like you, then we would be more deserving shareholders of all we share in our lives.

Vanna Clutterbuck, London, UK

... in your new book, which is so very exciting, and good, as are, I have thought, all your books.

Regina Cullen, London, UK

Great! It's come out really well and the information there is fantastic. Well done! It's great.

Keith Tutt, Suffolk, UK

You express yourself extremely well. You have expressed something which I have always known inside. ... Brilliant ... Fantastic.

Christopher James, London, UK

It is the best book for introducing the concept of the zero-point energy to the layman. Well done! ... Your writing is having a world wide impact for transforming our planet. Keep it up!

Moray B. King, Provo, Utah, USA

Liked it so much I have decided to order my own copy.

Robert Gilson, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

In this book there is a section dealing with Homoeopathy, the Vacuum and the Formative Mind which examines the basis of homoeopathy in the light of the most recent discoveries of modern physics. It shows how the mechanism by which it may operate is linked to the (as yet not fully resolved) Unified Field Theory that underlies the whole concept of the relationship between energy and matter (i.e. the work which Albert Einstein initiated and which is still being extended). ... John Davidson shows how the missing factors in the equation, namely consciousness in all its manifestations (which include Mind and Life Force, etc.) may be introduced, and how these factors influence our understanding of physics. In particular, he examines the recent experimental work in France by Dr Jacques Benveniste, which was published in Nature and featured in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine several months ago. This work produced some very exciting evidence as to the fundamental energies underlying homoeopathy.

Bill Heilbronn, UK, (letter to Yoga and Health)

We have your three magnificent books, Subtle Energy, The Web of Life and The Secret of the Creative Vacuum. ... those wonderful books. I send out photocopies of the covers of such books to people who are interested in the latest excellent reading material.

Shelley Donelly & Yvon Combe, Altus Radionique, Nice, France

Having just read John Davidson's The Secret of the Creative Vacuum from cover to cover, with rapt attention and ever-increasing excitement and growing enthusiasm, I was absolutely delighted to find your address on the back inside cover. I had always imagined myself to be absolutely alone as far as my ideals, hopes and aspirations were concerned, plodding away in solitude rather than risking the scoffing and ridicule usually resulting from my demonstration of yet another perpetual motion machine which just does not quite work, but which I firmly believe to have the potential. It is a great comfort to know that so many others are working on similar problems, (and with gratifying results), and that I am not quite as naive and/or nutty as my peers had me almost believing.

J.C. Jones, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

... I was elected to succeed George Meek as President of METAscience Foundation. George Meek has written several books in the area of METAphysics. ... George recently ordered a copy of The Secret of the Creative Vacuum to be sent to me. I have read enough of it to know that you and I need to communicate.

Thomas R. Love PhD., President, METAscience Foundation, Rockport, New York, USA

I was very impressed and enjoyed the book very much because of it's direct approach towards the inner life in explaining physical phenomena. I am also very much interested in the new science and technology discussed in this book.

W.A. Eager, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

Immensely enjoyed.

David Boadelle, Zurich, Switzerland

Thoroughly enjoyed the books by John Davidson.... May your rains be fruitful and your sunshine warm!

Dr Kelley Elkins, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Approximately two months ago I entered Dillon's bookstore in London. I was feeling bored and very tired of my life. I study physics at Imperial College, London, and for many years (well, five, really!) I have been interested in the wholeness of the universe and the inseparableness of all its phenomena. I have read many books on this type of view and wished very much to be able to express my ideas to the physics community. I very soon realized that the academic community I once thought were very open-minded, were just as ignorant and dogmatic as anyone else to such "new ideas". Not that I am in a position to make academic statements that gather attention, since I am only in my final year of B.Sc. So I gave up trying to express what I felt to be a more coherent and universal view of life. I couldn't find any books or information about people with similar ideas and felt alone with my thoughts.

Anyway, looking around Dillon's I was so very shocked to see a book titled, The Secret of the Creative Vacuum. I had already heard of physicists trying to tackle the problems of "vacuum genesis" (high energy, subatomic particles appearing in vacuum from no 'apparent' source)!, but I knew that this book wasn't confined to such phenomena. I quickly read the back cover and was overjoyed to see just what I was always looking for. I immediately bought it, thinking that this book will open many doors. I had not yet looked inside!

I am now towards the end and have decided to write to thank you for writing such a wonderful book (and being brave enough to do so). The Creative Vacuum has inspired me so much and given me so much information that I am revived in my aim to spread the Word. I now know that there are many others involved with research in new science. The feeling I have had from the book is complex and I cannot express it well in writing.

I know there are many institutions and groups of people involved in so called "enlightened life" but many of them are hoax and should be approached with care. But with all honesty, I feel a genuine and careful work being carried out by you. My mother is very spiritually minded and although she hasn't read any of your books, she feels the same.

Enough of my ramblings. This letter is a thank you. I hope your work is heard by many.... If it is important, you certainly have my support. I believe that if one person sees the light from your work, the work has achieved a great deal.

Rezmin Saberi, London, UK

I have recently read with tremendous interest your book entitled, The Secret of the Creative Vacuum.

Christopher Pick, Petworth, West Sussex, UK

I find the contents most interesting.

Ron Evans, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, UK

I have been reading with great interest ...

Gary Henry, Bath, Avon, UK

Having recently reviewed your book The Secret of the Creative Vacuum for our magazine, Beyond, I should like you to know how truly interesting, informative and absorbing it was to me.

So many scientific facts and theories explained and presented in such a clear and lucid manner, it was a real joy and pleasure to read.

The Web of Life, which I was immediately impelled to obtain from my bookseller, I have found just as fascinating and quite impossible to put on one side.

Although far from being one of your younger readers, I am intensely interested in and aware of the importance and significance of this time in our history for the evolution and indeed, the survival, of our planet and mankind as we know it.

I look forward with eager anticipation to your forthcoming publication, Natural Creation.

Every good wish and thank you for your valuable contribution towards increasing our knowledge and understanding of the subtle and life energies in which we live and have our Being.

Doris Middleton, Maidstone, Kent, UK

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying The Secret of the Creative Vacuum. At last someone has put it all into a book.

Remy Charlier, Weston, Connecticut, USA

Your book The Secret of the Creative Vacuum made a great impression on me and I found it extremely well written and easy for a lay person to understand

Sheelah Walker, Speldhurst, Kent, UK

Just finished your marvellous exposition, Creative Vacuum - also appreciated Subtle Energy and Web. I really enjoy your gift for leading me to an understanding of these complex, subtle, but very powerful causes and effects in this life.

Robert Courson, Issaquah, Washington, USA

Am enthralled with it. It is one of the most interesting books I have come across. I must see whether I can refer to it somewhere in my own book.

Robert Gilson, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Congratulations for these master-pieces.

Dominique Guillet, Association Gaia, Souvigny, France

Recently, I have had the pleasure of reading two of your books, Subtle Energy and The Secret of the Creative Vacuum. I wanted you to know that the information you have given me has been very important to my being.

For several years, I've sought out relationships between my knowledge of science (and the physical universe) and spirituality (my inner knowingness and essence). I'm in the nursing profession and doing research on "Therapeutic Touch". I've always been aware of other subtle energies which are invalidated by the scientific community due to lack of "evidence". As a psychic, I've done readings (auras, guides, past lives etc.) and have been tuned into energies which some would deny the existence of. I love science also, but neither the psychic-spiritualists nor the scientists will allow much room for acceptance or emergence of the other's philosophies. Such fear! This is why your words delight me so! You have combined both spiritual-scientific postulates (in a holistic framework) to describe the origin of life (whole life, not just the body.) I've spent many hours in the mountains reflecting on this knowledge from your books and feel very enlightened. Thank you for helping me find answers to my QUESTIONS.... I would like to meet you some day and would like to invite you to be my guest here in California.

Diane Bowers, Hayward, California, USA

Thank you for sending my copy of The Secret of the Creative Vacuum so promptly. I am most of the way through it and more than ever longing to talk with you when I am in UK this summer.... This book has excited me greatly - (I found myself in tears when I read of the spiral motion as the path of transmutation from the vacuum to manifested energy) - and has led to renewed dialogue often quite heated, between my chemistry professor husband and I. For years I have wanted to talk mysticism-cum-science with him, but it has never been possible. Bless you for the work you are doing.

Carolyn North, Berkeley, California, USA

It is very easy for scientists to write over the heads of those of us with less science background. Thanks to authors like John Davidson we can all share what is happening. I am deeply grateful.

Rick Suess, North Hollywood, California, USA

Thoroughly enjoyed.

Mark Williams, Menlo Park, California, USA

Congratulations on the continuing insights.

Alan Hext, Cambridge, UK

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